Southbound on the 7

Last stop on the ride to adolescence.

Last stop on the ride to adulthood.

Continuing down my path of crime.. This bus transfer pass is from the afternoon I got caught trying to steal a bottle of CK1 from Bullock’s (now Macy’s) in Horton Plaza. I thought I’d gotten away with it. Me and my friend Jeanette even went to a souvenir store next door to window shop. Maybe that’s where I messed up? As we were walking out of the shop, a security guard came up to me and took me aside. The jig was up.

I remember feeling out of breath. It sucks being caught. I carried that guilt unnecessarily throughout my teens. Even though my mom got my record expunged, for the next five years, I would always write about this little incident on employee applications, the section where it asks “Have you ever been convicted of a felony?” I thought these businesses needed to know what they would be risking, having a hardened but reformed 15-year-old high school girl bagging groceries. Think of all my missed opportunities at employment! What would my life have been like had I worked at Whole Foods?